York District Clergy Worship/Luncheon
Nov. 11th - Gettysburg UMC
10:00 a.m. Worship  11:30 Lunch
Please RSVP to District Office 



Once again employees and volunteers may go to the Conference Website and take the Safe Sanctuaries Online Training. It can be found on the Safe Sanctuaries page of the website.

The process will take you through Trak-1, but it's the Susquehanna Conference Training.

You can go to the following link to access the training - CLICK HERE

From Anne Horton                     


Question:  News reports say that the PA governor has waived the fees for volunteer clearances beginning July 25, 2015. Is there any chance our renewal date for renewing our current clearances will change?

Answer:  Per conference policy it is still July 1, 2015.

Question:  Do our volunteers submit the online application and check a certain spot for the fee waived? 

Answer:  Since this does not take effect until July 25th, I don't know what it will look like online.  I do know that when people do this online or on paper they will have to make sure they check the VOLUNTEER box.  Hopefully that will give the designation for no fee. 

2015 reports on file?
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Save the Date:
York District Rally 
February 27, 2016!
Location: Chambersburg St. Paul UMC
Details to follow



Attention all pastors and lay persons responsible for Charge Conference forms: The 2015 Charge Conference forms are now available on the Susquehanna Conference Website. Click on the Resources tab and then on Forms or CLICK HERE. These may be downloaded, filled in, and saved to your computer.  


 There is a sheet titled "Additional Report Instructions" with important information.

In addition, there is a Q&A sheet from General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) for ARP's (Accountable Reimbursement Plan).  This is provided for information purposes only.

 Also new this year is a Form 6b - Salary for Certified Lay Ministers and CLM candidates. Clergy and licensed local pastors continue to use Form 6. 

 The time to begin preparations for Charge Conference is now!