A Call for Prayer

posted Feb 28, 2017, 7:48 AM by York District UMC   [ updated ]

Bruce Knisely, retired elder, passed away. 
He was the grandfather of Ken Loyer, elder and Ruth Myers, provisional deacon.

Blanca Baker's ten year old grandson, 
Ayden Kohler, passed away from a brain tumor. His heroic figh was supported by the community and church alike.
Bruce Fenterbush's thirty year old nephew passed away.
Al Horst's brother-in-law passed away.
Rev. Gary Daugherty's brother Ronald Daugherty passed away. 


God of joy, fill our heart with good things. You bestow your loving smile, upon in all of us. Life is full of blessings when we live each day in your presence. Thank you for the joy you bring into our lives.  As we offer our concerns . . . Hear our prayers. --- In Jesus name. Amen.

Local Pastor Gary Fanus has a surgical procedure, and need of prayer.
Retired Local pastor, Hap Hollister, has been hospitalized and under care for blood infection.
Jane Ingram wife of CLM Bill Ingram has a surgical procedure and is recovering at home.
Rev. Dr. Ed Zeiders - prayers needed on his upcoming surgical procedure on April 4.