Online giving to Walk/Run a thon

Walk-a-Thon/Run-a-Thon Donations Made Easy – ONLINE!

Here are the steps to easily make an online donation:

1.      Access the donation button by going to the BPIM web page at Tinyurl.com/BishopsPIM or to http://www.susumc.org/index.php/component/content/article/18-about-us/our-bishop/2285-bpim-walk-run-a-thon-2018

2.      On the above pages you will see a “Donate” button or a “Sponsor/Donate” button. Click on the button.

3.      A window will open showing a large rectangular box on the left hand side marked “Donations,” a small box on the upper right hand side marked “Log In” and an even smaller box on the bottom right hand side marked “Create Your Online Profile.”

To make a donation, all you need to do is to fill in the large “Donations box.”

4.      Follow the directions. After you enter your e-mail address, you will see a line, “Please Select Area of Donation” with a drop down menu. The default is “Bishop’s Partners in Mission.” The next option is “Walk/Run a Thon.” Sponsors should choose “Walk/Run a Thon.”

5.      Next is ‘Walk/Run a Thon District.’ Click on the “Choose One” button. The drop down menu will show the names of the seven districts. Click on the name of the walker/runner’s district.

6.      You can pay via credit/debit card or checking or savings account.

7.      As soon as a payment has been processed, the payer will receive an email acknowledging the payment. That acknowledgement can be printed out by the payer as a document for tax deductible information. Field Coordinator Dilip Abayasekara will also be sent an email about the payment.

8.      Payers can make payments as often as they want.

Online payments made via check will not have a processing fee attached to them.

Online payments made via debit or credit cards will have a 2.75% processing fee.