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Is God calling you to a deeper season?
Do you long to listen more and speak less?
To discern more than decide?

Spiritual Direction is a course that invites all these things through reading, prayer, and a monthly small group event that builds skills so you can be instrumental in hearing God's voice in your own life, and in the life of others.
Curious? Go to, under Ministry of Spiritual Direction, to learn more about it. 

Questions? Ask away at or
717-240-0678. Scholarship assistance available.
Dr. Russell M. Hart
Center Director, CSF

Youth Mental Health

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(for parents and adults who work with youth)

Contact Person: Sharon Engdahl

Sanctuary Christian Counseling

You are all invited to the "Sanctuary Christian Counselling" to meet the team and see how our ministry of hope and healing can support you and your congregations. 

 *You can check out our website at or call us at  717-200-3158

Safe Sanctuary Training 2017

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SAFE SANCTUARIES TRAINING OFFERINGS - For a list of SS training offered throughout the Conference, 
click here: 


SAFE SANCTUARIES ONLINE TRAINING -  Once again employees & volunteers may go to the Conference Website and take the Safe Sanctuaries Online Training. The process will take you through Trak-1, but it's the Susquehanna Conference Training. 

To access the training - CLICK HERE. If you have questions, please contact: Jody Robinson, 

or 717-766-7441 Ext. 3400.

Find more information on upcoming training events HERE

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