Dover Bethany Early Learning Center Director

(call Dover Bethany UMC to apply)

The Director of Dover Bethany Early Learning Center must meet the following requirements:

1. First and foremost, DBELC is an extension and ministry of DBUMC. Therefore the director must:

a. Be able to effectively communicate the Christian faith.

b. Be in agreement with all DBUMC mission and vision statements.

c. Be actively practicing their Christian faith in a local church.

2. Must have a love for children and a talent in working with them.

3. Must have an ability to lead in a positive, constructive, effective manner.

4. Must be neat in appearance and clean and organized in habits.

5. Must have the physical and mental stamina to work with children and supervisor staff.

6. Must be willing to work in close cooperation and harmony with DBUMC staff and volunteers.

7. Must be employed and present at the center for a minimum of 40 hours per week.

8. Must satisfy all Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Regulations requirements for a center director (health assessments, state police clearances, child abuse clearances, FBI clearances, educational requirements, and experience).

9. Must understand and remain up-to-date on the Department of Human Services Child Care Regulations and Keystone STARS Program.

10. Must attend yearly training as required by state and Keystone STARS regulations.

11. Director duties and responsibilities:

a. The director shall be the administrative officer of the center, exercising his/her authority with the consent of the DBUMC Senior Pastor and Church Board of Directors.

b. The director shall direct and supervise the curriculum, employees, finances, and scheduling of the center.

c. The director will create a center Vision Statement with input from staff and church leadership. This will be monitored for compliance and updated as necessary.

d. The director is to oversee or be involved in the following:

· The management and purchasing of food and food service supplies, including sanitation and nutritional requirements.

· Playground direction: seeing that playground conditions and equipment are safe and clean and that the entire staff understands and follows the policies regarding safe use of the playground. The director should also make recommended changes or requests to the Sr Pastor for church Board approval pertaining to changes in playground equipment and safety.

· Establishing a record of procedures and how they are best handled, i.e. opening and closing procedures, open houses or family activities, field trips, holiday or special occasion gatherings, parties, or activities, state forms for employees and children, staff and child attendance policies and procedures.

· Maintaining a valid Department of Human Services (DHS) Certificate of Compliance (operating license).

· Maintaining all licensing standards and records as required by state law.

· Maintaining an up-to-date and effective emergency plan (must be approved yearly by the York Emergency Operations Office) including first aid kits and emergency food supply; regularly train employees on the Emergency Operations Plan and hold required fire and emergency drills with appropriate records.

· Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new employees

· Recruiting new families and enrollments, including giving tours and guiding families through the enrollment process

· Completing and keeping up-to-date paperwork on staff according to DHS requirements, including clearances, health assessments, and trainings.

· Supervising all DBELC staff: group supervisors, assistant group supervisors, and aides. Mediating issues between staff that promote open communication, positive problem solving, quality improvement, and a team-based environment

· Determine opening, closing, delaying status during inclement weather and communicating status to families and staff

· Acting as a resource to teachers by being a role model in parent relations and child interaction and supervision.

· Being a resource in guiding curriculum changes, purchasing and monitoring teaching materials, observing teachers in teaching practices, environmental set-up, continuing education, and child interaction on a regular basis.

· Reviewing curriculum and implementing Christian and educational program, activities, and opportunities.

· Maintaining records of all staff members’ professional development, reviewing staff training regularly, and guiding staff in finding and scheduling needed trainings.

· Encouraging harmony of the staff and working actively to build an effective teaching team.

· Appropriately scheduling staff for all child care classrooms and activities to meet staff:child ratios. The director may need to fill in for a class due to breaks, illness, vacations or other needs.

· Meeting with staff monthly to support and promote long range planning and monitoring classroom and professional progress.

· Performing yearly staff evaluations with all staff members; provide disciplinary action when necessary.

· Meeting with interested parents and families of prospective students to introduce them to the center; sharing all appropriate program information and paperwork with them.

· Dispersing information to parents on program changes, activities, and upcoming events; creating and dispersing a monthly DBELC newsletter, menus, and reminders of upcoming events, changes, closings, and/or activities.

· Developing, maintaining, and updating a DBELC Family Handbook as approved by the DBUMC Senior pastor and church Board of Directors.

· Giving prompt attention to all parent complaints and concerns.

· Maintaining official files on each child, including health records, updated emergency contact information, agreement forms reflecting current needs, and other required information.

· Supervising daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and maintenance of child care facilities; communicating regularly with cleaning, maintenance, and grounds keeping crews to monitor needed supplies, improvements, or scheduling.

· Reviewing individual timesheets, vacation time, and PTO time and submitting information to the church treasurer on a weekly basis

· Collecting timely tuition payments from families, preparing weekly tuition deposit, and submitting report to church treasurer on a weekly basis.

· Evaluating center needs and adjusting set tuition fees and enrollment requirements to meet those needs.

· Developing an annual operating budget.

· Work with the church treasurer concerning accounts payable (the center’s bills)

· Coordinating the use of shared spaces and equipment with team leaders, and volunteers/teachers of other church programs and with the administrators of the church.

· Representing DBELC at church and community events.

· Being involved in developing planned public relations and community events.

· Researching means of advertising to increase enrollment.

· Being knowledgeable of the Keystone STARS program, its requirements, and up-to-date procedures and policies.

· Stay connected with other church based Early Learning Center directors for support and to keep up with current policies, tuition rates, salaries, etc. in the community around us.

· The director is accountable directly to the DBUMC Senior pastor and will meet with the pastor or requested teams as needed.