Mission Central York HUB Newsletter


Greetings in the name of our Lord,

In the last newsletter Mission Central was in need of a new mower for their property. They were asking anyone who read the article to donate $5.00. Within a month’s time $6,799.00 was donated. Enough to purchase the mower. A B I G thank you to those who donated.

April 28, 2018 was Mission Central’s biennial HUB event. It started at 9:30 AM and ended about 3:30 PM. During that time we learned the difference between the old and new kits. Mission Central Ministry Partners (local school ministry, shoe ministry, computer ministry, medical supply ministry, and change purse ministry) talked to us about their ministries. Altoona HUB talked about their jean quilts and sleep mats for the homeless. Cleona HUB discussed connecting with the local community. Lancaster County HUB told us about their response to the homeless by providing a shelter for the homeless to sleep. Mifflin County HUB is known as “HUB on the Road.” They go to a different church each time they meet to make kits. The last HUB to speak was the Shoemaker HUB and they spoke about their furniture ministry.

Then the HUBs gathered according to their region and discussed the problems they are having. Most of them are having the same problem with getting people and churches to donate.

Last we had a dedication for those who died since our last gathering.

Coming back from the HUB event, I felt revived with new ideas. I’m going to continue with the newsletter, but it will tell you what item your church is to donate for the kit we are working on at the HUB or what item the HUB needs to help support Alexander Goode Elementary and Phineas Davis Elementary. These schools are poor and need a lot of help with school supplies. By asking for one item from your church, it should make it easier to donate. Remember we are God’s hands and feet and God knows we can do better than we are doing. I will have the list of churches out to you by the end of May.

I had sent out a bulletin April 23rd from the district level asking for travel size toiletries, wash cloths, peanut butter, and jelly. These are needed by May 5th. White t-shirts were asked for also. They are needed by May 28th. So far only 2 churches have responded. I pray that I hear from more churches.


Carolyn Fetrow

Coordinator of York HUB